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As one of my favorite charties, please consider making donation
with your tax-deductable donation, old hearing aids, or airline miles to:
Hearing Aid for Latin America.
for deaf people to hear and make new smiles. Thank you!

To support hearing impaired students' aspiration of graduating from Texas Tech,
make a tax-deductable donation to
Solcher Family Hearing Impaired Scholarship Endowment
at "Give Online". Thank you, too!

Also make a donation to
Sunshine Cottage School for Deaf, too!
There's plenty of donation offers such as Alumni Scholarship Fund, Capital Campaign Fund, or General Fund at
at "Make a Online Gift Now".

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- Dan

My website's Status Update, as of 20100912:
I'm learning new ways to scripting the website using HTML 5...
also this website is best viewed on either Chrome or Firefox browser...
and coming very soon, the Internet Explorer 9!